got to do.. all.. the.. things!

Hey Everyone!

Well my weekend was REALLY chill, especially since it was David’s volunteer weekend!

Yesterday I ended up going over to my moms because she wanted me to help her get things together for my grandmas christmas dinner! Of course there is a HUGE chance that I won’t get to go to that because I *think* David has to work Friday, and that is when they decided to do the dinner this year. I had thought MAYBE we could go up on thursday morning and then come back that evening but that is such a tiring trip,so I am not really sure at this point.

Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) David has to work until 12… Volunteer at church straight after until 7ish and then he has a family thingy. I might try to go over to my moms for a bit (trying to finish reviews TODAY if at all possible), and I would like to make it to one of the church services tomorrow (our church is having 6! starting at 11 and the last one is at 10 pm!) I might just end up streaming it though (even though since we only have 10gb of web a month now lol).

Anyways, back to going to my moms yesterday lol. We went to walmart and she bought David & I a new microwave. ours was really low watts and about 5 years old so we really needed a new one . We found an awesome 1000 watt one with a roomy inside, in stainless steel for under $70! It was actually one that David had been looking at , I just didn’t know lol.

I also scored a pair of leggings, a pack of knee socks(6) and 2 genie bras! Then we went in aldi so she could finish getting what she needed. Marley and I hung out at her house most of the day waiting on a ups package, but my mom doesn’t get ups till really late so by 4:30 I had to give up and come home. I did end up going back when she got the package at almost 7!  Marley and I went and I was reminded of why I hate driving at night for sure!

Last night I had some sort of headache/nausea thing going on. I was of course finally getting the good sleep when David had to get up for work. I ended up doing some pitching and what not and never did go back to sleep so I finally just got up and popped in a gossip girl dvd and am trying to see what I can get done!  I always do my best work with GG playing in the background lol.

I think my mom got me some sandwich makings and is going to bring them over. After that I will eat and buckle down and get things going ..I need to also wash my hair/straighten (it needs colored but.. yeah..) and shave and change sheets too. I don’t know why I am worried about doing it all today when I will be here all day Wed and Thurs with nothing to do!

Well I will catch ya later gators..