Grocery Shopping Needs Done & This heat already?

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday! I know I worked on several blog related things that I had been meaning to work on for a while , and I got several things done in the house as well. I worked on my media kit but I didn’t finish it (maybe today?) and I got lots of things done in the house too 🙂

I am up and going this morning on the pretense that I kind of want to see if my mom can take me to the store. I was trying to hold out on a couple of paid posts so I could just go on my own later on, but it seems like everything is held up and I probably could make it through with “real food” like dinners but as far as lunch stuff /snack stuff we are basically out. I would like to go today or tomorrow and I would like to go before it gets absolutely scalding outside. It was 86 Yesterday OY!

I would like to point out I didn’t really complain when it was cold lol. I totally don’t mind hoodies and burrowing ! It isn’t nearly as hard to get warm as it is to cool down! I was already considering layers in my hair but now I am considering taking off the length a little more too …I would like to do that this week but if I go to the store I won’t want to go home with my mom to get it done because it generally takes me the rest of the day to get things situated after going to the store lol. Actually by the time I get finished at the store she is ready to go home and get things done, so it is usually me putting up all the stuff after she leaves lol. I need to shave and FOR REAL go tanning- OY lol.

For some reason unknown to me David has the wild hair to take Friday off. I am not sure what the deal with that is- he gets memorial day off on the 25th and his vacation resets on June 3 so I am like ??? I know his birthday is saturday but still. It isn’t like we have any plans. I know a while back he had mentioned this but I thought he was just messing with me because he had said to get my biltmore house visit scheduled for that day- I think I have to let them know 7 days in advance. Anyways, I sure didn’t think he was serious so I don’t suppose we will be doing that!

I guess I am going to jump off of here and plan out the day- grocery store or not lol. There is a distinct chance of me going back to bed lol.More later of course!