H3lp? can I haz it? pls??

that is all i am asking for. a little help.
this whole moving thing was basically because of my mom offering to let us live there so cheap. and she was all excited about it. so would it be so hard for the woman to HELP?

I am WORE OUT. physically.emotionally.mentally. I am beginning to think I have made the wrong choice here. if she is acting like this now, just imagine living there. or even more so, when we have to move again.

my allergies are horrible. i am taking my medicine,but on top of all this i’ve developed some kind of lung infection/sore throat and i swear i believe I am going to cough up a lung at any moment.

I have packed. i have rearranged. I have straightened up. i have carried very heavy shit down my stairs. since monday morning at 9.a.m.

they are supposed to come get my dresser,chest,chinese formal table, coffee table and desk this evening. so we’ll see.

anyways. i am out..gonna go nap for a few while i have a chance. david and i might go out this evening..i’m so out of it I don’t know if we will or not.


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    aww hon sorry you are stuck doing all this on your own I would have thought that family and hubby would have been helping for sure =( Especialy since you are sick as well.
    *big hugs all round*

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    Ouch. Moving is a HUGE thing and I couldn’t imagine trying to do it alone. I’m so sorry nobody has been helping you. Hopefully it’s just because they don’t realize how much work you’ve been doing. You should ask them to give you a hand! Maybe make a fun day out of it! Have them all help you move and unpack and then take them out to lunch or something! Good luck!

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    Hopefully they’ll help soon… 🙁 I can’t believe no one’s been helping you move anything! Caity’s right, make it seem like a fun day and provide food and drinks. 🙂