Happy ’15


Happy New Year from The G Crew 🙂  I am so excited to make this a great year for blogging, and myself!  I am SO happy the winter blues hasn’t been TOO bad on me. I have had a few moments where I think I need ST Johns wort, and I probably do– but… I am making it 🙂 Honestly I have been having a flood of thoughts and ideas the last few days for goals and what not and it is AWESOME 🙂 I need to make a complete list and put it on here (well some things are private but for the most part).

Last night we didn’t want to leave marley for several hours at one time( there is another reason but I had a moment where I had forgot about something- i am getting there lol)I Could have probably left her at my mom and dads in a pinch but I don’t want to leave her late because my parents go to bed and everything… anyways- We ended up watching a bit of random t.v and then we  started watching our churches praise party! I really wish we could have went… My friend Katie that works in the office here got to go ( i found out later) anyways… that is what we were doing around 10-12 or so. I LOVE OUR CHURCH .. I am so glad we found it! Anyways it was AMAZING and I wish we could have went in person!  My poor Marley got terrified with the FIREWORKS. which I had expected but had FORGOT about esp. since they started EARLY as heck.  She had her thundershirt on but I Had waited to late to put it on.. ugh! I felt so bad for her. She finally just got under the bed and was alright.

Anyways, I probably could write a bit more but .. I am watching PLL right now- starting from the beginning of this season.. so I kind of just want to chill for a bit 🙂 I’ll catch you later gators! I mostly just wanted to say Hi and Happy New Year 🙂