Happy Birthday Nichole!!!

Someone I know has a birthday tomorrow. someone. A gal who loves pink, and perhaps owns this blog…

She might be turning 28 at 7:23 a/m … lol

I used to get really excited for my birthday, but in later years..not so much! I haven’t ever even really had a birthday party or anything extra special awesome like that.

Mom already got me tanning for my birthday and … well I am not expecting anything else. My grandma sent me a $25 walmart gift card, 2 little ornament thingys and a ameythest crystal bear that I left at moms..sam would have that stuff smashed in a split sec. lol.

I was just talking to my mom about what she was doing this time 28 years ago, and she said eating a big mac, fries and apple pie with a coke! I was actually born on a saturday that year, (just like this year) and she had been in the hospital since thursday and hadn’t been able to eat. My great grandma went and got her all this stuff at mcdonalds and they hid it when the nurse came around. It’s funny because when my aunt had my cousin, I was 5 and I remember us doing the exact same thing for her lol.

She said she actually went into labor at 3 a/m but didn’t tell them till after 5. There was about 3 or 4ft of snow on the ground, kids were trapped at school and roofs were caved in (when you hear this is it any wonder i spent 2 years in freaking boone? Lol)

She said that my dad and grandma didn’t get there until about 9 a/m and I had been born 7:23 (or as my grandma says she believes it was an EVEN time like 7:20 or 7:25 lol)

Anyways…Happy Birthday to me I suppose!


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    Happy early birthday! I don’t really get excited about my birthday’s anymore. I’ll be 25 this year (in April) which I can’t believe!