Happy Birthday to Meeee!

Well Today is my birthday but it really isn’t all that and a bag of chips for me. Yesterday we  went to my mom and dads and had cupcakes and lunch..which was nice but today has turned out to a big disappointment for me. Since I went off hobbling on my foot yesterday I made it angry and now I can’t get out and about again because of it. My mom was supposed to come over and everything but it didn’t pan out 🙁

Monday just isn’t a good day to have a birthday really, and then with this foot and the weather well.. BLAH!! Maybe I can celebrate another day though!

Probably won’t be nothing going on around here this evening either. Birthdays just never really pan out for me Let alone, it’s Monday, I’m hurt and ..it’s cold and rainy out you know?

I’ve basically just piddled n diddled around all day worked on a few things here and there but really didn’t get anything done..I didn’t even manage to take a nap which is probably a mistake! Guess I will take some vitamin B and drink up some coffee!

I did manage to wash dishes and clean out sams box. I still don’t even try to attempt laundry (carrying stuff up/down steps..no) OR vacuuming the rug, but hopefully soon. I really hate the feeling that I can’t do my normal day to day things because I actually CAN’T and not because I JUST DON’T WANT TO!

Anyways, just wanted to post a quick little blurb so everyone knows i’m still around and kicking. Got several reviews coming up soon so YAY!

Catch ya’ll later!