Happy Halloween


this weekend i have just felt like UGH! like I know i am generally lazy and whatnot on the weekends but this one just took the cake.

I slept really..lightly on friday night. I woke up at 5 a.m and was barely asleep at all after that. I woke up to a text message from my uncle wanting to trade his env touch for my env3. i rushed about and got to the post office and got it sent out at like 11:55. I don’t know why he wants to trade when I know that he bought it straight out but for some reason he does sooo.. I just told him he had to make sure to get the other one here by friday because as of friday I won’t have any minutes on my t-mobile phone, and would be without a phone period.

I forgot to delete my text messages before i sent it,which most were not nothing important but I know their were 3 in my drafts that were to Jason and they really didnt need to be seen by anyone else. I am sure they were not nothing too personal but still it bugs me. I just told him please delete them since i was in a hurry. He said he would soo..

We ended up going to this haunted plantation thing last night, and i fell on the stupid freaking trail and pulled a muscle in my right leg. going up and down the stairs sure is a freaking joy. we were supposed to go to the bar but i was so freaking dragging we didn’t. I just ended up wearing my costume in the car on the way home lol.

I will try to get a pic of me in it up tomorrow.

Today we ended up going to my moms, and then I have slept most of the day after that. I am looking forward to getting some good rest tonight..hopefully!

well i’m out. if i haven’t commented you don’t anihalate me i will be around soon i promise 🙂 and if i’m supposed to add you to blogroll i’ll get that done too 🙂



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    Gah, that isn’t great about your texts, but hopefully they’re nothing too personal. I’m sure he’ll just delete them and nothing will come of it. =) Don’t worry yourself too much.

    I hope you had a good Halloween. =) That sucks that you’ve pulled a muscle. =( Rest your leg.

    Lotsa love.