happy Sammy Boo Day

I totally apologize for not getting around to comment and this time I SWEAR it wasn’t because I was being lazy. Check out my post below about all my internet service drama and you’ll understand! I really haven’t been at home all weekend ..

friday we went to eat at applebees/went to bestbuy/home/back to bestbuy

saturday we went to bestbuy/davids mom’s/home/back to bestbuy

sunday: davids moms/applebees and home..ie sleep lol

I should be returning to normal today though, so I can figure out what we are gonna end up doing …I know we are staying with verizon I’m just not sure which phone.. it will be the android one or the iphone.. bah.. I wish this iphone would  tether then I wouldn’t have to be choosing again!

So yes, I should be around to comment asap..and I’m working on getting things going again

<3 nichole

ps: i got sam 1 year ago today. since I don’t know his real birthday we have our own version ..so happy sammy boo day!


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    What kind of android would you be getting? Andrew has the Motorola X with Verizon and he loves it, but it’s so massive! I like Blackberry Torch, I have to have my Blackberry QWERTY! Best of luck with choosing a phone.