Has the Boredom set in yet?

Hey Everyone!

I think boredom has set in here in the G household! I am so wore out from so many freaking asthma attacks so I took an epic nap! I don’t really nap like I used to and it had been a while! I get up and get going to find out David is going to go get his bro and bring him over- which I am not really ecstatic about because his brother is SICK and I honestly don’t feel like getting sick! Anyways- I opted to not travel since it is cold as heck and I really just want to see what I can get into blogging wise since I am feeling a bit better.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but I have a steam inhaler that my mom got me called a My PUR mist – it works pretty good it just isn’t instant. I think it works better as a preventive type thing if you use it a few times a day. I need to get some more distilled water to use in it. Somehow another at our walgreens this thing had been $150 and my mom got it on clearance for $50 and every where I still look it is $150 so I must be lucky. I really do miss my asthmanefrin inhaler for instant relief and I intend to replace it sometime in the future. I really am looking into some more natural things to help though. ..and i still will swear on bibles that it is SOMETHING in this carpet that is causing this!

I had thought about taking a bubble bath, drinking some hot tea and cuddling up early tonight and I still might- but until then I think I will see what kind of blog posts I can churn out! I might even manage to get some reviews worked on. Speaking of reviews I have THE MOST AWESOME ever one coming up in October. It is so awesome… but I am going to keep it a secret for a good while 🙂 It is something I pitched for last summer actually!

Well.. here is seeing what I can manage to get done this evening.. if i keep my mojo!  I know I will be sitting here listening to music at least 🙂