Headache 2, Nichole 0

So it is day #2 of the headache that doesn’t want to go away 🙁 It really really sucks because I can see spots, my ear kinda hurts, and i’m queezy too! seriously? I have about had it!

Not much for me to get done online or off but still.. if I want to spend a day in bed, i’d like it to be because I WANT to, not that I feel like I HAVE to you know?

I am thinking about taking a really nice bubble bath and seeing how that works out…If anyone has any advice on ways to get rid of a headache please pass it along to me! I would appreciate it. For some reason advil is NOT working…

I am thinking about going back to not drinking soda again. It is such an annoying habit to break, and I was doing so good! I am pretty much only drinking sprite, but still.. meh!

Well i’m out for now.. gonna vacuum the rug (oh boy, NOISE!!) and see what else I can get into (or not)