headache wants to hang out :(

Well my headache has decided to keep on sticking with me! MEH!!!

Right now i’m waiting for david to get home. We are going to have my famous “The Soup” and well it is a perfect day for it, with this cold nasty wet weather we are having! I can’t say I wouldn’t mind eating some arby’s or something like that but.. yeah..every now and then I guess I should make stuff at home lol.

I need to get mom to come up and take me to the store ASAP. I do not even KNOW the last time we went to the store..I know it was during a super double or triple at harris teeter and it was a long time ago….I am low on about everything you can imagine! Meats, Snacks..Canned goods.. It would probably be easier to tell you what i have, instead of what I need!

Sam scratched david in the face this morning, and I hope it has gotten better since then. I didn’t see it, I just knew it happened. I guess thats what happens when you roughhouse with a scrappy cat!

I don’t have ANY plans for this evening…basically cuddling up on the couch watching tv.. might take a bubble bath.. sounds good to me!

I just wanted to write a few lines while I had a second..catch ya later gators