Today has been..well..I don’t know how to explain it. My dad is working in the mountains like I previously mentioned so my mom has lots of extra free time in the afternoon & evening.. soo..she actually came over here AFTER 9 a/m lol

usually she is here around 9 and is totally on her way home by 12 at the latest.. .well today lo and behold she came over right around 11:30 and didn’t leave till like 3! It was just really odd 🙂

We went to walgreens/cvs/the grocery store… I got lots of good deals for only 38 bucks! I even got a 24 pack of deer park & the 6pack sports bottles for…$1.10! lol

I barely got home and washed the dishes/ made dinner before david got home.. phew!

I was hoping to get some reviews done today… who knows I still might… I def. need to get a few done cuz i’m kinda swamped. perhaps tomorrow I won’t have quite so much to do in the house.

I also wanna comment ppl. oy. lol

Right now I have to go clean sams box. He has made one more mess with his litter…then we’ll see what i end up doing. I am *not* drinking tonight and intend to get in bed by 11ish i hope.

ps: someone remind me to take my allergy meds