HOT weekend

It is SO HOT today. I am nearly dying. you know i’m always too hot or too cold. it never fails!

I sold the cliq yesterday, so now i’m the “proud” new owner of an hd2. i don’t know. its fine and all but it is honestly too big and too guy and a little confusing for me to get used to. it will be ok dokey!!

yesterday we went to davids dads, then we met the person at the mall to buy the cliq. I got the next to last pretty little liars novel (which i read today, and am DYING to go by the last one in hardback). we also made it over to moms yesterday evening. i had a migraine almost all day and was so hungry when we were there. i had a piece of steak and some new pototatoes and some tomatoe from the garden. took some advil. by the time we left i was feeling so much better.

i drank a couple of wine coolers latter on in the evening, and one clear captain with sprite, but that was about it.

this morning we went to walmart and to the grocery store so i could get a few things that we needed. we stopped by wendys on our way back, david went in and got me a carolina classic with a baked potatoe and something for him, and we just came on home to eat. I took a nap…and thats about it.

i plan to drink some boones farm sangria, and have some fun with my husband and one of my toys from eden fantasys that I need to write a review on. i’m much excited 🙂

ok so i’m off to find me a snack, stop by and comment, and …maybe check out blogfrog/lights some more

many of the subpages have been updated so check them out. i’m still working on it.


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    I am glad you got someone to buy your cliq. I hope you enjoy your hd2! I love your new layout! It’s so adorable!