House is a no go- and stuff is tight- but it will work out!

DRlogofor ARHey Everyone! Well this week has kinda been one of those I’ d rather be doing anything besides being on the computer weeks.. So I have kinda went with it and had tons of fun vegging out watching tv and doing random domestic-ish stuff!  I do kind of feel overwhelmed with reviews a tiny bit at one point because it seemed like they all came at one time and actually had due dates and I didn’t realize it beforehand (actually I got approved for 2 things after I got denied  so they were kind of surprises !) Anyways, I hope to be back on track in the next week

we finally found out a straight answer about getting a house. The short story of it is my mom and dad (or some one) would have to buy it in their name and then we would pay on it. They are fine with this but the trouble enlies in coming up with 20% down. Sure they have equity but I know they don’t want to tie their house in with it for the fact they would have to pay PMI again and that jacks up their house payment.. .. my mom is *supposed* to go to the bank on Monday though and discuss the options and find out more on that front so we aren’t totally out just yet.

We also called our old rent lady but she doesn’t have anything right now – but if she gets something she will let us know ASAP.  I hate everything is in limbo but hopefully we should know something with in the next few days. let me also just say lending tree was full of CRAP and i’ll just leave it at that.

David has been going in early in the mornings, is starting to stay in the evenings and then with half a day on saturday things will be a bit better but right now we have to make until the next check and it is NOT working out. We need about $270 just for the car and insurance.. and our sprint bill is late- which I do NOT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT it’s just a phone. I might be able to swing the car payment/insurance though so here is hoping. I know people like to say oh david wastes money but sometimes bills just fall continuously out of line with the paychecks and it doesn’t have a thing to do with anyone wasting money… Also as far as me getting a job that is something that we settled many years ago and it was decided for me to be a stay at home woman and I am fine with that. Not to say I haven’t put in applications and what not and that I don’t help out /wouldn’t get a real job to help out but it hasn’t really came to that- it is getting close let me tell you but not JUST YET.

I really do try to not write about money problems or anything negative on my blog because that is when people like to leave their little bitchy troll comments but honestly in this day and time I don’t know many people who are my age and aren’t struggling… If you aren’t thats great for you. If you are I feel you…With paying $400 extra on rent and now $300 in car payments + more on our insurance its just not easy! It will all work out, it always does… just gotta keep on keepin’ on!  I am lucky to have family who will help us out when things get really tight! We are also considering doing something about our phones because Sprint has GOD AWFUL service and I am paying a TON for really no good reason! I wasn’t too happy about switching to them to start with but- eh.. lol

well right now I am making some spaghetti for david for lunch because he just got home from working a half day , then we might go to the pool- not sure because it is REALLY hot.. I was sweating just taking Marley out!

More later- of course!