Housework Break

Hey Everyone

I Swear today Is DRAGGING along! I think it feels like it should already be like 2 in the afternoon and it is barely after 12! I even got up at like 10:30 just like normal so I don’t know lol.

Yesterday I got so much random stuff done and the only thing I had left that I wanted to do was to wash another load of clothes and put some of my clothes away (which is what I will probably end up doing today) but when 6 p/m rolled around and I didn’t have a phone call from David I was thinking he was just busy or had another phone call but when he called he said he would be late from work and I never even got a chance to get any words out of my mouth. I was already dressed up and ready to get out to the store and go eat!

I finally got another call and he told me that he was still actually at work (I thought he was out and about somewhere for work) and that they had originally told him he would be there until 9 but he would probably be out of there by 7! He was after 8 getting home and he had to still dash off to Walmart for a few things because we were totally out of dish soap! BLAH!

I guess that will counter out him needing to leave early tomorrow so he can get home and get ready so we can go to the christmas party! I know they won’t let him get any overtime so..I guess he will get off around 3 tomorrow. I just hope they don’t keep him late again today! We seriously need to get to the store and such BLAH!

I am trying to be all hyper active and get a million and one things done today. I know that we have 1 week before christmas as of today! How crazy is that?

Right now I need to wash a ton of dishes, put my clothes away and ??? probably get my holiday cards addressed for online folks? I Know I am usually one of the first people who get my cards out and this year I will be near the end. I currently only have ONE review left to do and I AM HAPPY about it! I want to work some on BE and update a few things here but that is that kind of stuff that is always on the back burner in my world.

Well I just wanted to write a few lines so I could take a break from the housework and such 🙂 more later of course