how long is this day?

DRlogofor ARHey Everyone!

Well today has been one of those days that has just DRAGGED ON FOREVER! I swear by 1:00 it felt like it should be 5 or something so right now it feels like I should be going to bed lol. I hate these days the worst of all! David isn’t getting to come home for lunch this week because he is training someone + he is going in early in the mornings and working wonky hours in the evenings too! I never know if he’ll be off at 5, 5:30 or 6- and then there is always a chance he might have to stay even longer than that! I totally am not knocking overtime though.. because goodness knows we are going to need that to catch up on our car payment, car insurance and the sprint bill (which isn’t as important but yeah)

Last night we went up to the pool around 8:30 and there was NO ONE up there. I totally wish I had wore a bathing suit but I hadn’t but I did enjoy just putting my feet in! We are planning to go back up there this evening but it is looking stormy, but according to the weather app on my tablet it looks like by 8 the chances are pretty low… I figure maybe it can be part of my relaxing evening routine!

I know Saturday evening we sat out on the patio for the first time since I don’t even know when.. it wasn’t TOO hot but I really couldn’t find anything I wanted to listen to on the ipod /spotify so I finally just gave up and came in. We had to clean the patio chairs and the little table from all the pollen too..

Today I have honestly been waiting on SEVERAL emails to come through – actually some of them are emails I have been waiting for , for a while that I re-sent from my other account because I thought I was having some issues, and would you just know I haven’t got a response to any of them just yet? Eh.. Here is hoping especially on 3 of them that I get something by tomorrow.

My mom went to the bank about getting a loan for investment property and just letting David and I pay the bill yesterday.. it was a big mess and that won’t be happening.. lets just say everything I saw online/ they told David at the bank Friday they basically told my mom opposite! I am hoping Betty gets something ASAP and I really don’t want to sign a lease here until the last minute and even then- if she gets something we are probably out because I really don’t ever think I will be coming back to somewhere so outrageously expensive…

I was going to make BBQ for dinner but David asked me if I had some pasta salad I could make and I was like Yah, I have one box of that so that is what he wanted. I worry- he is being too simple lol. Actually though if you have a gallon of milk and a few boxes of cereal David is content with that for dinner for many days..

I had *thought* my mom was going to come over and bring me some garden stuff today like cucumbers but she never did come over so.. maybe tomorrow or another day? I need to get my hair colored ASAP.. I know that one of the grocery stores is doing some big buy 2 get 3 sale or something like that starting tomorrow so I might get some stuff when she ends up doing that- in other words she’ll prob be busy with that tomorrow.

Yes I am still considering having a yardsale if I can manage to get more things to put in it… Clothes don’t sell well around here – I am sure I have mentioned that before. .straight up junk does awesome but honestly I don’t have as much of that as you would think…  When I cleaned out things back in the fall/winter I just got rid of them because I didn’t feel like storing them for a yardsale so.. MEH.. hindsight!

Well.. i’m off of here to make some dinner, relax and all that good stuff and I will catch ya’ll later gators..