Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last entry! jason and i are having a blast remembering the past and all that. I will be around to comment you all today/tomorrow (probably when i get through writing this entry!) I am finally settling in, so i should become more regular whatever that is

jason and i have both realized we used to be kinda ….stupid? and both have accepted our parts in why we weren’t ever together. or why we can’t be together. it makes me feel better to know its not all my fault!!

I have a little bit of a cold 🙁 its not too bad but at night i feel like ICK. mostly sneezy/nose/throat kinda thing.

shadow has been howling like a wolf since 10 something last night! i guess i will have to take him back to my moms. i’m pretty sad about it. i will be lonely as hell without him, i mean yeah i might get sleep but ugh it sucks!

my hair is in hell mode. i havent been able to get it straightened all week, and it needs colored.

my skin is in extra hell mode. that rash is sucking.i know its mostly winter skin and my freaking long nails dont help!!

i am thinking bout taking up writing in a journal again! i found one of the ones i was looking for…i am really hoping to find the notebook with all the papers i used to write. they were always the best!!

well i am out to take a shower, figure out dinner, try to get shadow to hush, and comment sometime today!!!

<3 nichole

ps:thanks for stcking with me!