hungry for STEAK ..yummy..for we party tonight

oy. right now i’m stalking the mailbox waiting for christmas cards! so far i’ve gotten 5 from the online people πŸ™‚ that would be kecia,jenn,jennifer,rebekah and one that i havent quite figured because it was unsigned! i think i know but i’m not sure

right now i’m hungry and trying to come up with something light to eat because i am going out to eat with my husband/dads company tonight for their christmas party. oh hell yes 30dollar steak lol.

exquisite is doing well seriously go join. we are doing well with TA and everything oooh i am so proud!!

if you haven’t updated my link yet, just try to do that for me before the new year. i asked michelle to leave me up there until then so people can still have time to find me and all that. (to figure out i’ve moved)

well not really alot going on here. shadow must have been having him some ktity cat love though cause for a few days this week he was pretty much M I A!

ok well i’m out. gonna try to find something light while i wait for the mail gonna try to comment everyone too…

much love


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    I love receiving Christmas Cards.. but for some reason we only got 2 so far this season.. I’m hoping for more. LoL. Enjoy your Steak tonight.. I don’t really like steak.. but that’s just me. =]

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    I finally updated your link on my site! πŸ™‚
    And Christmas cards are awesome… if I would go online more I would have totally mailed you one from Sweden.