I am a VERY proud Carowinds Caro-Blogger :) #luvcarowinds #caroblogger



I am part of the carowinds caro bloggers program where I received 4 gold seasons passes in exchange for sharing related posts of events,visits and the like and my honest thoughts, ideas and experiences with my readers. This post is part of working with that program! All thoughts,ideas, experiences, etc are honest and my own. yours may vary.


As a special side note the caro bloggers program website linked below is currently being worked on and as of 1:22 EST Friday July 10th I am not on the page just yet, just so you know!

This year Carowinds in Charlotte, N.C decided to branch out and make a program for bloggers  and I was VERY excited when I got invited to apply back in May and even more excited when I got the email that told me I was accepted!  The program is the Carowinds Caro-Bloggers program and  it could not have came at a more perfect time for me, because I had been looking to branch out more into blogging about things to do /events instead of just physical items! I am sure you noticed the snazzy badge over there on the sidebar a few weeks ago- if not- go admire it.. or wait I will just put it here:

CC15-211 Revised Caro Bloggers Logo

feel free to ooh and ahhh at it just like I did when I got it 🙂 It fit in rather nice over there on the sidebar don’t you agree?

There were several factors that they used to pick those who got chosen such as SEO (search engine) rankings, active readership, website visits, overall quality of content, social media outreach and location of primary market I found the process very fair, and I loved how they took multiple factors into consideration! It wasn’t just about numbers- which is something that a lot of companies are all about. This to me showed that they valued me as a blogger and the work I have done and that they liked my style which is way more flattering to me!

As a Carowinds Caro blogger we received 4 Gold seasons passes – David and I have ours of course, and against my better judgement he gave one to his brother(lol- alex isn’t your thrill seeking type by any means!) I also have one saved back for my mom which she doesn’t thrill seek so much either but she will ride things like the carousel and bumper cars and such – plus I might need to go do some things during the week and I don’t want to have to go alone and this way David doesn’t have to take a day off work/ time off of work 🙂

Some other perks of the program include things like: Insider updates, exposure via the carowinds blog and social media channels, invitations to special media events and being able to participate in in exclusive park experiences like behind the scenes tours and more! I am looking forward to all of the above! I only live about 30 minutes away so it is really convienant for me to be able to visit! It also gives David and I something to do on these long summer days, especially the weekends when we generally sit around like old married folk 🙂

I have actually already been 3 times-and I will be writing those experiences up here in a bit and posting some pictures as well 🙂

I could not be more excited about an opp- I look forward to sharing tons of pics, info and experiences with you all on the blog and on my social media -especially instagram 🙂 I don’t think i can express the excitement to you in words! I have several ideas for posts to write and I will be bringing them to you in the next several months so stay tuned! Be sure to follow along!