I am …alive…lol

Greetings Friends!!

Sorry that I have REALLY slacked off on the updates in the last week. oy. I just didn’t realize I was doing so bad!

Spent tuesday with jason for a little while. it was fine n dandy n great as always.

david came home that day and did a “make up attempt” I went for it.i mean why not.

I was queezy all day tuesday and wed. went and got a pregnancy test wed. actually took two preg tests wed. they were both negative

friday wasn’t nothing special.i did start getting a sore throat but eh…whatever

woke up saturday felt like DEATH omg. went to my moms because i wanted to get my hair done but ended up curling up in the bed and sleeping. then came home and did the same

sunday david decided we needed to run here there and yan in the freaking rain. so that made me more sick.

monday is kind of ..blurry. i know we ended up going to his dads in the evening. thats about it there

tuesday was a big blur too lol. i was feeling better but …eh. david and igot in a big fight i’d rather forget that night. over…nothing.

yesterday i felt like DEATH times 100. i didnt sleep well tuesday night, my cold got worse.started my period for the first time since october. got a migraine. and on and on.

that brings us to today!
nothing much going on with me today. i am looking for a new kitten! waiting for someone to email me back right now actually.

ok so that catches us up. and i’m gonna TRY to get comments going and TRY to make a more MEATY post. so i’ll catch u all later!!


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    It’s funny how life works. People with curly hair want straight hair. I have straight hair and always wanted curls.

    I have several friends who have been trying to get pregnant for a long time. My husband and I don’t even feel close to ready to have a baby so we used every kind of protection possible, and i still got pregnant 3 months after the wedding!!!! good luck

    hope you’re feeling better today<3

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    Yesh, this must be the time for colds because everyone seems to be coming down with something or getting over it at least. Seriously, I hope you feel better soon!

    Ahh, and good luck with finding a cute kitten. 🙂 If you aren’t having much luck, I would suggest going to an animal shelter. Those animals need a home and love desperately!