I am *cold* what?

Don’t ever tell any of the people I went to Appalachian with but OMG the past two days I have been freezing lol. I think it has been the 60’s pretty much and a little dreary and breezy too! I have been wearing a hoodie and even had the fire place heater on few time!

I have been working this week on tying up some loose ends with reviews and holiday gift guide and what not. Things are looking good and I am not quite as overwhlemed feeling as I was because now I can see what I need to get done right now, as well as what is in the futrue! I have a lead on an awesome sponsored post that I hope to get too!

David had a panic attack right as I swollowed a benadryl last night…I fought the benadryl for a long time and he finally did go to sleep but…I think he may have been up later in the night ..I woke up and the kitchen light was on..but he might have had that on when we first went to bed..I just can’t remember. I wish it would just be two weeks so this med would kick in

I still relate these attacks to certain things but I will save that for my epic pw protected post that I am working on 😀

Today is going to be a really cuddly burrowy chill day and I am looking forward to it! Getting ready to take Marley out, check the mail and eat lunch!
later gators