I am still around…

ay ay ay. goodness the last two days have just been WEIRD. I Woke up on friday morning (after not sleeping AT ALL) to a scene much like thisdscf2430
my crazy parents have decided to take out their fireplace to put in a buck stove ( I don’t have a picture of it right off, so if you don’t know what that is ..lol its basically a stove that will heat the whole house) anyways its crazy.

my mom swore up and down i wouldnt have to take my books out of my shelf, because they didnt have to take out the side wall and all this and that. so wouldn’t you just know. so their mess caused me to have to make this mess

There is part 2 of that pic on flickr. and thats only like a fraction of all my books! so i spent all day friday supervising this mess. and basically all day yesterday too. i was supposed to go eat and to movies with david but he was in an ass mode mood so i was like well screw it all. plus i spent a while having to put things back in the bookshelf.. ugh. so i have had a very boring 2 days.

i will post later and reply on the comments on my previous entry. 🙂 i leave u with some shadow cuteness.



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    I found you through Caity’s blog. Books are doorways into the imagination. You discover different ways exist to enter your inner mind. The local library or second hand bookstore can be full of gems. You can also decide to make a book donation to these places of pass on books to other people when you have finished with them.

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    Oh my gosh you have so many books! I guess I do, too. I left them all at my parent’s house for my sister to deal with, though! Teeheehee. Shadow is so cute!