I can tell it is monday- so much to do!

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and all that kind of thing 🙂 I ended up deciding to wait on my yardsale for a couple of reasons because I wanted to be able to go through EVERYTHING in the house and not just half do it! I also tend to do better when I don’t have competition of course!  I am also excited that when we have a yardsale next I will be able to use my paypal card reader thing – which might inspire folks to buy a little more 🙂 Oh and did I mention it has been raining like mad too?

My allergies started bothering me a little bit on Saturday so I ended up taking a nap while Davids mom came over lol. I seriously didn’t know she was coming over until I was nearly asleep and I was like OH WELL …just shut the door to the bedroom when she gets here lol. It is mostly my eyes that were bothering me so I just didn’t feel like fighting it! she didn’t stay long but pretty much just long enough for us to not be able to go to church- so we ended up watching online!

Yesterday we had another RAINY RAINY day.. seriously it has been raining for a week or so now. David was going to start volunteering at church again and he was going to the orientation thing again (he doesn’t have his key tag for checking in, or his shirt or anything anymore) and I was considering doing it as well but.. we ended up just sleeping in! Hopefully we’ll get back to that soon 🙂 I don’t really know where to volunteer at.. but I want to try. If I have to take the class I would like to take it with David soo.. yeah. Maybe we could do the VIP greeting thing together or something (That is what we call first time visitors to our church)

I don’t know if you are following along on instagram or have noticed my sidebar ad where I am working with an Itworks rep- like i say if you don’t believe the wraps work and whatever – thats cool. have it your way- oh and they have more than wraps.. but anyways they are having bogo on the 4pks and I am going to try to get in on that action. I also want to spend my chloe and isabel credits from last summer oh and AR needs renewed. That is just a tip of the iceburg lol. I have my ipad on ebay- I don’t know if i had mentioned that or not yet.. since I have the tablet I got with sprint I kind of feel the need to not have two tablets and this way I could get a few things I have been wanting.. I guess we will see how it goes of course 🙂  Autumn-Rain being renewed is the most important of course!

I am trying my best to work on A review that HAS TO BE DONE TODAY. This is pretty much my first review this year (hello slacker gal in the winter months lol) I haven’t really been pitching and most of what I have pitched are events/trips and they will be later on this year so..I want to get back into pitching for stuff! I miss getting packages so much! I also tend to do more reviews in the early spring and summer than the other times of the year so it is all good… It just might take me all day to get it done.. because I have so much that needs done because it is monday and all that kind of thing.

David came home to get something he had forgot about 8:30 this morning. I was sleeping REALLY good. If I don’t get up when he leaves for work to do anything I can generally get right back to sleep and get up a bit earlier… Well I thought it was my mom and I was mumbling I don’t need the dog food and it was him lol. My mom got Marley 2 huge bags of dog chow last week and she could do the deal again but I told her not to worry.. anyways I managed to just get up and get going .. me and coffee are def. acquainted today! I am getting ready to grab myself a bite of lunch, work on the review and start some chili (white chicken ) and then we’ll see where it goes from there:)

Catch ya later gators 🙂