I created an app …and other ramblings

I made a Nichole/Autumn-Rain app! If you’re really nice to me I might actually release it lol. Not sure yet..want to tweak it some.. don’t even know if anyone would want to use it anyways? I just thought it was fun & neat.

Right now i’m not doing a whole lot of anything except waiting on a package of bath & beauty goodies from edenfantasys! lol I hope it gets here soon ..it is SCORCHING out and I would like for them to stay a decent temp.and not melt

I am also kicking myself for going to bed too late..I know better! If I go to bed later than 1130ish I am not worth a crap the next day! Me & Vitamin B and coffee are getting acquainted for sure.

I also plan to get my hair cut this weekend..it is so very thick and blah right now. I tried to straighten it and it really got ick.I was gonna wait to get it layered but am seriously considering going ahead and doing it..

well i’m out for now. gonna see what I can get into/find food/etc