I entered a photo contest that ends TODAY! Please go leave some lovin?

http://bit.ly/1GLSAUQ Lake Norman #1
http://bit.ly/1Cia3EN Grapes
http://bit.ly/1Ciasah Boone-BR
http://bit.ly/1EK1H8A Train Water Scene
http://bit.ly/1CibbIn Sunset Fall 1
http://bit.ly/1CibLpB THE sunset
http://bit.ly/1EK2zde GSMR 2

I entered these 7 Pics in a Photo Contest for Pics around N.C.  I have entered last minute so I don’t even know if I have a chance in the world to win the voters choice prize, but there is a comittee of 5 photographers that will be awarding some cash prizes to their favorites so maybe I will luck out one way or another. The contest ends today so if you could stop by and leave some vote love that would be great!