I finally found an itworks gal to work with Me! Oh, and they are more than wraps BTW

This is *NOT* A sponsored review post or a sponsored post in general and there are no affiliate type links. This is a post announcing my “partnership” with someone that I will be working with in the future for further discounted items ,etc This is more of a introduction post of an awesome partner I will be working with in the future highlighting how we met & things that her direct sales company offers

I have been interested for a while now in working on a review with an itworks rep, but I had 2 times that it fell through! I did get a wrap at an event I attended back in March and had hoped to start working with the girl that sold it to me, but it didn’t pan out. I had lots of questions before using the wrap and since I couldn’t get in touch with my gal I found a gal on instagram and ended up friending her on facebook and she answered all my questions and more! She is a really awesome gal and I am glad to have met her and have her to talk to and have answered my questions when I didn’t have anyone else! I love talking to her now about different things as well!

I still wanted a gal that was local and that wanted to work with me on a review, so I was about to put a note up down at the mailbox to see if there was anyone that lived here that would be interested in advertising on the blog / working with me on reviews, and imagine my surprise when david had taken marley out and brought me a piece of paper and said he thought he found me a wrap gal 🙂

Introducing Whitney my itworks wraps & more gal here 🙂 She lives here at the apartments and that is her itworks button on my sidebar. She has been awesome enough to get me my first box of wraps at a discounted price, and has even ordered the BOGO deal for me and has allowed me tot pay her back latter! She also has gave me a few energy drinks as well!

I am looking forward to working with her and bringing you a few “reviews” and further information on various itworks goodies, because … I know that I am friends with several people who are what I would call wrap nay sayers.. and that is fine, I will agree to disagree with you and all that good stuff 🙂 I know that they are working well for me, and I am enjoying the results! I can wear several pairs of my pants/ capris that just a month or so ago I couldn’t wear because I muffin topped over top of them!

I have not only tried the wraps and the energy drinks -which let me just tell you about the Energy drinks they are AMAZING. I can’t even drink a regular cup of regular coffee without crashing /being sick let alone an energy drink (when I am telling you I am having coffee it is instant and vanilla flavored lol) the energy drinks they have taste like drinking a pear and I did NOT crash!  Also,I have tried the berry greens & orange greens and the greens chews!

The other night I saw Whitney share this Amazing image about various things that itworks offers and how they can help and it was too awesome so I have to share it here:


As you can see they are much more than the wraps after you see this chart!  I am looking forward to continuing to working with Whitney in the coming months and bring you various other itworks information and at some point a photo post /review of the wraps! Be sure to check out Whitney’s myitworks page for more information and stay tuned here for more 🙂