I found a theme!! & Late Night Ramblings

I finally found a them i halfway decently liked 🙂 I love grab-a-theme but omg I have used about every theme they have about 5x and for months at a time. I still don’t know what went wonky with the theme I was using. I honestly want to learn to code my own. 🙂 maybe someday right? miracles do happen? lol

right now its midnight and me & sammy are still up. i’m so hyper theres not much way i’m falling asleep any time soon, though i will prob try when i get through with this blog.

if you do happen to run accross some NICE themes for wordpress let me know. most of you all know what kind i like. basically not the kind that sucked. for reasonable prices i might be willing to buy a few as well. so just let me know
I am basically overhauling the site as i might have mentioned. ive taken down some subpages..plan to edit and put up with actual content. except for thrifty finds, many of the ones that i still have up have been edited. I also plan to make them more organized and perhaps add more.

i’m in an site/internet mood for real. lets just go with it lol.

well i’m off for now. who knows what is goin on tomorow for me… soo peace everyone!



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    Cute theme. I really like the pale blue. I use Artisteer to design mine now. That’s how I created the one I currently have for SouthernGirlRamblings.com. It’s a bit time consuming, but super easy!