I got a little bit perked up!

Howdy All!!

Greetings From Boredom Ville USA 🙂 I am the founder & president, apparently!!

I actually managed to get perked up a little bit and get the sheets changed on my bed, semi-straighten my hair (It’s SO THICK, TOO LONG and Also needs Colored!) then shave really really well. Kinda got into it there..and now it’s all clouding up out 🙁 I was figuring we’d go to Z’s since they have the live music outside on Wed. nights.. but if it rains BOOOOO 🙁

Apparently our mail (snail) is being wonky again. I Haven’t gotten any of Davids hospital bills since the insurance settled.also my get glue stickers and who knows what else! And now.. It looks like we are missing a package (david ordered something, but I don’t know what?) To top it off they still don’t get the point after 2 years that unless it’s in G or S (my maiden name) don’t freaking leave it here! BLAH!!

I was hoping to get a little bit more done than what I did today, but it’s ok..this is a start! I need to pick me up some flavored coffee and vitamin B! I would like to have one day where I can get up after David leaves and stay up till what I would generally call naptime..that way I could clean out some things or get caught up on some site stuff (here and my other one) We’ll see how it goes!

I have NO IDEA what to make for dinner so David will just have to figure it out when he gets home.. Personally I could care less. I usually have to eat by 330 or 4 so when he gets here at 5:30 ..I’m not even hungry. I asked him this morning to suggest something and he didnt so.. UGH. I really HATE COOKING!

well i’m gonna go try to call my mom for a few, charge my phone and hope the weather holds out..I just wanna dress up a tiny bit and get out for a bit!


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    I try to stay up once I wake up in the morning, though I won’t lie – since getting back from BlogHer (last Saturday night – the 3rd), I have been sleeping in like it’s nobody’s business. 🙁 In general, as long as I take my vitamins, and make sure to pop a b-12 and a b-6 in the morning, and a caffeine pill as needed, I’m good to go. 😉

    I’m glad cooler weather is coming, because that means it’s CROCKPOT season, which solves the hassle of dinner! In general my biggest issue with dinner is figuring out just what the heck to make, lol. So I use a crockpot and some recipe books and call it a day.