I have been VERY sick :(


Let me put it to you in the simplest of terms

I HAVE BEEN VERY SICK with a NASTY COLD ever since Wed evening of last week! I didn’t even START to be better until yesterday! All I have done is threw up, dry heaved,(that was mostly wed night) then coughed, sneezed, runny nose,fever, on and on and on….you get a picture I am sure. I slept with vaporizer on, smeared myself with vicks, took lots of showers and naps. It really has taken it out of me for sure!

So, unfortunately even though I haven’t written in about a week, I don’t have a lot to write about!

Here’s to hoping for a better week. and of course hoping 2013 is a HECK of a ton better than 2012.

More later