i have returned (your excited, I know)


So what’s up everyone? I disappeared on you there didn’t i? I ended up going to my grandma’s for christmas! I seriously woke up saturday morning (christmas eve) told david I wanted to go (this was about 10 a/m) we ran around the house like lunatics cleaning and packing and after stopping at dunkin donuts and the gas station we headed out about 11:45 a/m

We stopped.. lets see..i think 4 times? david had to go to the bathroom, then we stopped for gas/mcdonalds and then at walmart to look for me some sauce for my chicken (didn’t find what I was looking for) We got there right as they were starting to open presents (noone other than mom knew I was coming , i wanted it to be a surprise!)

I ended up with some goodies ..i’m tryin to think on top of my head, and not count the things that I had got from mom on thursday evening! I got a new heater for upstairs, 3 boxes of food (rice-a-roni, snacks, etc) um..yeah it isn’t coming to me right now lol. I need to take pics and make lists ..we’ll see if I do or not ha ha. Mom got us a nice knife set too!

Sunday we hung around and ate, and left VERY soon afterwards. I just wasn’t feeling it. My head /ears were bothering me as well as my left ovary so we left right at 1 and got home at 5:15 (included one stop for david to get coffee)

David is off this week so i don’t know how offten or much i’ll be working on the site or anything online very much or what. I am pretty bored though. Just wanted to say HI!


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    Happy Holidays!!!

    I wish my little ol’ sweet grandmother was still here with me today. First stop, grandma’s house 🙂

    Enjoy your new year! 2012 is right around the corner!