I kissed an IMAC and I liked it

omg. i have a sore throat from hell.seriously…I haven’t been sick since back in april so its like ugh wtf? it started yesterday morning. when i got back from the movies i had a little bit of acid reflux start to come up and i got choked and it went back down. so being choked,acid going down an already sore throat..well it was painful! and it still is.

I really need this mess to go away, because i’m leaving thursday to go to my grandmas to have a yardsale. so hopefully it will go away or at least get a smidge better before then.

I am trying to sell my laptop with no luck. i’m thinking at this point i would perhaps take 375 or so for it. my uncle MIGHT buy it (he has a computer store) so we will see.
theres nothing wrong with it but i just really didnt get to get what I wanted when my other computer crashed.

actually I played with an imac at bestbuy (macbook whatev) lol and now i’m wanting one of those. plus I have a student ID and can get an Ipod touch for free right now!

thanks for all the comments about the pads. I am thinking of making some and trying to sell them. i am trying to wait till I have my period so that I can see which ones (if any) work the best and what not.

my mom went to the dentist . she seems to think she is having problems with her tooth again, but then again it might be her ear because it was bleeding. its kinda of hurting in her jaw line so she cant tell.

so that means i’m here with BFH ha ha. but she fell asleep watching annimal planet. i would still be asleep if i could have been.

i have slacked off on laying out…if the sun ever really comes out i might go try to do some.

well i’ll write more latter perhaps. and get around to comment 🙂 right now i have got to go find something to eat…



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    Macs are fun, but there certain programs that only run on Windows. That’s the problem I ran into with my iMac. Other than that, they are awesome.

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    I haven’t used a Mac for longer than just a little while but they are pretty cool. They take some getting used to if you are a PC user, though.

    I hope you feel better.