I lobes jenn & other things :)

I first want to apologize to my Jenn who I LOBES THE MOSTEST I accidentally managed to delete her last comment 🙁 thank you wordpress app on the iphone!

Thursday night david & I went to eat at the grill right down the street…You can’t ever get a parking spot up close, and david parked about a block away. I go to get out of the car and My Samsung Alias (My added line on my uncle’s plan) was on my lap..apparently…because I stand up and get out of the car. Did I mention we were parked beside this big ass storm drain??Can you figure out where this is going? It went DOWN THE FUCKING STORM DRAIN!!!!! And of course there was no way to get it back/and if there was a way it would have been ruined. UGHHH.

So I was really Really pissed. I have had MANY phones since I first got a phone in 2002 for graduation. And I personally have NEVER had anything happen to a phone that was bad. (The HD2 that got dropped in the toilet last year was NOT my phone, and I didn’t have anything to do with that) I haven’t even ever dropped a phone..

I really liked that phone … Still like WTF?? I guess I thought it was in my hoodie but instead it must have been on my lap, and when i stood up straight..well there it went..

In Internet/Phone plane news:I got rid of Verizon. I’m sorry but the 2gb wifi crap just wasn’t working out for me …at all. It was some crazy #’s that fluctuated and made no since. That is why I haven’t really been online. Been too paranoid to use any internet on my computer because of it. 90 bucks of my money just wasn’t worth that kind of trauma to my online life.

We got sprint. I got a samsung Epic 4g(yay back with android) and i am loving it so far we are having some kind of charging issue though..my luck right? . for 80 bucks I even have TEXT and TETHERING YAY. Since Jason gave me his iphone 3, I can use all the apps and it just like an ipod touch..so I don’t feel like i’ve lost out by any means!

FRIDAY was my birthday. Ha ha. big deal. I do appreciate all the people on twitter/facebook who wished me a happy day .. I went to my moms and got a few things..had some cupcakes…went to best buy (not for anything in particular) then we came home a little while and went out to applebees for margaritas. Now I love Tequilla and I freaking LOVE margs but sometimes i get the worst heartburn from them. I only managed to drink 1 1/2 and i was feeling like shit…

Nothing all that special or great, but that’s alright 🙂

Saturday was the day we fixed the internet/phone sittuation.. and Sunday I slept the majority of the day.. my old friends the sleeping issues are running rampent right now 🙁

Now I am trying to get back into being online & get this house cleaned up! + just now managed to hook the iphone up so i can put my songs on it!

damn it feels good to be back 🙂


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    I forgive you! And lobes you too, haha.

    I am so sorry to hear about your phone going down the drain – literally! That would suck so bad. :/ But at least you got yourself a new phone! How’s the Epic? Dan and I have talked about switching to Sprint, and that’s one phone that I have in mind if we do. No matter what, I must have an Android phone!

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I didn’t even realize it was your birthday, I’m sorry. 🙁

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    Are you addicted to your iPhone already? I debated between getting an iPhone and BB and opted for my Blackberry.

    Happy Belated Birthday, btw!