I lured myself into staying up with an early night going to bed, ravenswood and coffee :)

DRlogofor ARHey Everyone! This week sure has flew by! I cannot believe it is Friday already- and Friday of a long weekend at that!  Last night we went to bed REALLY early and when I woke up when David was getting ready for work, it was already so bright outside just like it was midday or something. Since I felt a tiny bit rested I lured myself into getting up by promising myself Ravenswood and coffee lol.  It is probably a good thing I got up because they are mowing and weed eating outside so I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep anyways!

I am pretty discouraged on the home buying or even finding an place other than here to rent at this point! I spent all of yesterday calling and emailing and what not and it just seems like there isn’t much hope. Stinkin’ credit issues- even though we have always paid our Rent FIRST .. that is why there are credit issues lol. Eh- As far as rent there isn’t anything even remotely cheaper than where we are that would be worth the hassle of packing up and moving at this point- I mean over $20 is not really worth it to me lol. We’ll figure it all out somehow and make it work though- we always do 🙂

Since I spent most of this week dreaming , I have really got to get into gear 🙂 Several reviews I am piecing together- I know it would make better since to write them one at a time but for me sometimes it just flows better this way.  Since it is a long weekend – that is another good reason I decided to get up and going this morning- I need to get a few things in the house done and then it will be blog blog blog my little heart out for as long as my writing mojo lasts 🙂 I also have the beerfest tomorrow which I am looking forward to, of course. Thankfully my mom didn’t end up having to go out of town , I wasn’t sure there for a few days.. something with the bees that her and my dad have and they took some to Virginia to my grandmas and yeah I am not sure lol. Anyways she would have likely been back in time to pick us up, but not to take us so .. yeah everything works out better this way!

I kind of am in the mood to have a yardsale again- since I didn’t have the first one lol. I would have liked to have it tomorrow but since I just had the random thought I will probably wait and work on cleaning some more stuff out for it this coming week and then have it next saturday! I am sure that in the patio closet there will be TONS of stuff to be able to go in it!

Well I am off for now to see what I can get done today- hope it is a productive one- wish me luck!