I made it back from court woot woot!


well I made it back from court! It was so stressful even though I had called my lawyer, because she didn’t show up till 4 minutes before the Judge came! She never even called anyone into the hallway, she just stepped out there and was waiting I guess? I don’t really know but we had been sitting there over an hour and my head was busting and David walked out there and then i finally did too!

she said I have to come back on 12/19 UGH….she said that is the last court date this year, so apparently they were going to let it be longer but since they didnt have a calendar for next year, I guess that is why they did it. Believe me my lawyer does NOT volunteer anything that you dont stand there and directly ask her! I promise after today, I will quit writing about this mess at least till right before court again lol.

also 12/19 is also davids work christmas party. at least I can celebrate afterwards no> lol

Anyways apparently she is waiting on the right judge to have it threw out and this was not the one ..I guess that makes sense! Also the next court date is on a thursday which is totally weird,because they are generally on a tuesday! I even had to double check the website to make sure it was right! Here is hoping for next time.

I guess it just gives me more time to save up money for it! You never know when I would have to look into something like some 0% Balance Transfer offers if I can’t manage to get all the money saved up myself in time! I know my mom will help me out when the time comes, she already has!

I know I drive everyone crazy about not saying what happened. Believe me it really wasn’t THAT BAD it has just got blew out of proportion and dragged on. I know LOTS of people who have made this mistake..

In other news, it is only 2 more sleeps till we get the Dog! am I excited? I seriously have mixed feelings about it, and I really do not know how I feel one way or another. I have had sam almost 4 years and I never wanted another pet while I had him, especially a dog. It will be interesting for sure. I know David is excited, but I am still kinda meh about it!

Tomorrow is halloween, which is cool that it is falling on a thursday since david will be off on friday but, I know we won’t get into anything. I don’t even have a new costume this year and my hair needs colored which probably won’t happen till the weekend and yeah ha ha. I guess we will see how it goes!

Right now I am off of here to do a big catching up on the blog world type of thing, if I can keep myself awake which is darn near impossible because the orange baby is laying here snoring , it is dark and yeah. you know how it goes with me! I have lots of emails to send out, and pick a pasta winner (yeah I am THAT behind lol..thanks weekend and wicked monday and stinkin court tuesday lol) Then perhaps a review and ??? whatever else I left out.

Catch you later gators!!!


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    I wonder if she got them to make it for the last court date of 2013 because she figured the judges would all be anxious to be done for the year and just grant her motion to throw the case out. 🙂 A girl can hope, right?