I MISS the MOUNTAINS like whoa


Hi There! How is everyone on this monday? I am OK, I just went to bed with a Nasty headache, took an advil, woke up with the same evil headache at 5:30 when David went to work…and it’s still trying to linger!

Today is another chill day in my world just being lazy ..ie watching Gossip Girl on netflix and getting a few things done around the house (mainly a load of color clothes) and cleaning up sams box. The exciting life I lead, I know. I have been a little extra bored since I bascialy haven’t had any paid posts or reviews lately. I do have a few for my other site but..I haven’t had the stuff very long so..it will be a while before I get going on those…

I have been trying to think of a good topic to do an article type post on…but I haven’t came up with anything quite yet! I have major brain lock right now.. I’ll be back eventually I promise.

I am VERY hopeful to get to go to the blue ridge parkway this coming weekend..Even though I PROMISED my mom if she went out of town i’d either go with her or stay in the house with the doors locked! (I am so seriously superstitious about something bad happening and her being 5 hours away!)

We haven’t went to the mountains in a while, and as you know the mountains are an addiction for me…I hope we really get to go and explore a bit. We plan to just to go riding and take pics/ have a picnic. I also hope we get to go this fall…wow I really miss the mountains! I didn’t appreciate it when I lived there but I sure do now!

Totally random but somehow I got BING in my netbook and I have uninstalled it but…it still is popping up. I HATE IT. I want it to go away!

Well..i’m off to eat a snack of some sorts. I already had a hashbrown and a small salad..i’ll prob have another salad!