I spend that long looking for an ipod!

First off I will Apologize in advance for the lack of blog posts from me that could be possible in the coming week or so. I am not sure, I just know when david is home, I tend not to blog that much. Except sometimes it makes me blog more. Either way… He is off from Tomorrow and Doesn’t go back to work until Jan 02. So…You’ve been warned lol.

I had planned to spend today, my last day this year by myself doing a million and one things in the house. Of course, with the cold I have had the last week or so, It didn’t happen. I did perk up around 2, and quickly discovered my ipod was missing! It is one of the REALLY skinny nanos and the last time I had remembered seeing it was tuesday evening when I was doing my hair and changing purses. I thought it got stolen in class at first, but I was like why would someone still JUST an ipod? I had credit cards, gift cards, a kindle among things that were in my purse. I searched high and low in this house and tore it up. I originally did look under the couch, but couldn’t see it.

An hour and a half latter, I throw the couch out from the wall… I never really noticed our batting underneath the couch, and towards the back was loose and droopy (thanks sam!) well guess what was hiding all the way to the back? Yup.

I don’t like missing items. I especially don’t like missing items that I thing might be missing because of sticky fingers so..yeah. I was VERY Relieved to find it. I was like after all the CRAP luck that I have had this year, why the heck would there have to be more?

Right now I am waiting for David to get home. I had originally intended to go to classes tonight, but it is pouring rain, and I really don’t know if I will or not. Kinda sad to be at 10 of 10 and be like nah! I just really don’t want to be out in a downpour though! I just fixed my hair and I don’t want to have to redo it before I go to virginia.

I just hope my cold goes away, and my period stays away until after christmas eve .. that’s when we are doing everything for my families christmas this year. I guess David and I will have to find something to make for our christmas day dinner. We def. didn’t get invited to his dads or anyones in his family!

well i’m out for now. More latter.. Nichole