i told her..


I basically seperated myself from the internet this weekend..

Friday david & I had some words about him being nosey and spying on my twitter, apparently via my mytouch..I don’t know and i’m not really going to further comment on it right now…i’m over it for the most part…

we went to his mom’s to visit/pick up his brother. well all freaking hell broke loose. his mom is so..ARGH dumb as a rock is good way to put it I suppose..anyways she got into basically bitching that david didn’t tell her loverboy goodbye last week when we were over there..

I know that when we left david went out and was ahead of me, and plus david has problems hearing sometimes anyways. either way if he did here him say bye or not..he doesn’t have to say anything to that guy if he doesn’t want to. that is his choice..

well basically his mom goes off that he has to LIKE her boyfriend. Um hell no back up the truck up…well david has a habit of being in the middle of saying something, and not really catching what someone else says until a few minutes later. I knew when he caught what she said he was gonna FLIP…

In the mean time i proceeded to tell her that I don’t appreciate them throwing david into their problems (her and his dads) I also don’t apreciate her giving my # to people that don’t want anything to do with us, and then call telling david to fix these problems. I also asked her does she/others not realize that david works in heavy equipment…and he has nothing to do while he’s riding around think of this stupidity…and that one slip of his mind from concentrating on this could cause him to endanger his life & others?

about the time i got through with that spill david caught on to the whole he had to like her bf thing..so he gets up off the couch and says we are leaving and so we did..

he was so pissed and he pulled over up the road and started crying. seriously..with all the stupid shit his parents put him through it’s not a wonder he’s so aggravated and snappy alot of the time..

we went back and got his brother .. but still. i’m so sick of this crap….

Saturday I spent the day at my parents..litterally the whole day lol.. nothing much to talk about there

Yesterday we went out and about here and there..not much to say there either.

Today i’m basically trying to catch up on G.R.I.T.S …I’ve already posted 3 reviews and scheduled 2. There are 4 more that need to be posted! We are on Fire!!

Right now, though, i need to get off here and make some koolaide and straighten up the house a bit. I hope to have my mouse review & purex review up sometime today(how long i’ve been saying that lol) also ..commenting… 🙂

more later