Ice in the South

Hey Everyone

Well we are having an ICE event here in the south! I know people make fun of the south when it comes to winter weather in the south. … and generally when you are talking about snow I will laugh along with you! HOWEVER–this is ICE and that is just a bit more serious! With the weather not going to even get above freezing, what little bit might melt with the sun will be refreezing for the next several nights and we are expecting record low temps as well! I have drove in snow MANY times but ICE I do not toy with that! I am going to try to get some pics later on … I might get david to take them when he takes Marley out– as we know I don’t like to be out in slick weather ever since 2 years ago when I tore the heck out of my leg/foot/ankle! It seriously was 2 years ago yesterday when I did that!

Originally David was supposed to be on a 2 hour delay for work but it ended up being cancelled all together. He did go in though so he will get paid for 2hrs because of that. It is going to be bad news bears if he misses more than 2 days of work and it is really likely that will happen. Too bad he didn’t have any vacation days left 🙁 I don’t know what we will do because rent and car payment will be done out of the next check – I guess we’ll see how it goes!

I had a asthma attack this morning while David was out and it SUCKED because I even threw up- and it was YUCK.. Thankfully I am doing much better now …

I think I am going to see what kind of work I can get done here on the blog here in a bit– I won’t be doing much else for sure! I am trying to stay busy and not totally crash from the Primatene I had to take!