icky weather and such

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so not much going on with me. working on trying to fluff up exquisite a lil bit. poor board is a little dead this week, especially the last two days. exams and holidays though, so its all good :

The weather here is positvely icky. I wanted to get out and get a burger b4 it got too bad but i was too late. ugh. now i still need to eat dinner and its already 7:30

jason and i were gonna hang out today but hes coming from the mountains and it was already bad there b4 it got bad here. sooo we will try for next week sometime hopefully.

i commented a good portion of you all the night b4 last i believe it was.slowly but surely i am getting into the swing of things again.

well more latter…gonna find something constructive to do ha ha!



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    That sucks that you didn’t get to hang out with Jason… but next week sounds promising.. And people will get back to normal soon on Exquisite.. Just have faith. =]