I’ll have my own cook out then :)

DRlogofor AR

HI Everyone! Well this weekend hasn’t went the way I planned- They never do right? lol It is o.k though! I had hoped to get some things done before beerfest on Saturday but I ended up playing around with the costume I was planning to wear and then before I knew it, it was time to drop Marley off at my moms! I ended up not wearing it because when I took it off to eat lunch and then put it on later I must have swelled with the heat and from eating and nothing went good from there lol.

Beerfest was fun and I should be doing a follow up post with pics soonest 🙂

We were up quite late on Saturday night and I have been trying to “recover” ever since yesterday and today lol. Actually I managed to hurt myself twice yesterday! I woke up with the inside of my jaw chewed out- way to go right? Then- it gets better. We have cinderblocks that act as risers for our bed.. anyways I ended up scraping the HELL out of my toe with one of them – like the side of it.. and it kind of goes all the way around and it bruised too! I am talking BLOOD everywhere!

We are going to have steak, fresh corn on the cob with butter , a pasta salad and some greenbeans at some point today.. I am not sure if we are gonna take it all down to the pool and eat or eat up here- might go to the pool later after the fact .. heck I might honestly just sit out on the patio later ..I know that to actually grill grill the steaks David will have to go down there to use the grill. I told him I can strip up the steak and pan fry it with some peppers and broccoli or something or even grill it on the george grill if he doesn’t feel like it

Usually my mom does a memorial day cookout with all kindsa pasta salads and hamburgers and hotdogs and all that but for some reason she said that they were not going to do that this year, so I was like OK then lol. I am actually surprised that Davids dad and brother haven’t showed up at this point Then again that is kind of one of those they don’t have anything to do with us unless they need something so yeah lol I am gonna leave that alone

Well I just wanted to write a quick update and I’ll catch ya later gators!