i’m alive. for real.

It is sunday, and I have been awake since 5:30 a/m. Oh What fun! You know me and sleep are not friends..lately it’s getting worse. 🙁 It seems my big issue is FALLING asleep. If I get woke up for any reason It takes me at least an hour to go back to sleep if not longer. The only time I get decent sleep is straight down the middle of the day, which I hate to do, but I always think it’s best to sleep when you actually can, and not try to fight it! I hope this clears up with the changing of the seasons and such!

The weather still hasn’t cleared up! David ended up having to work friday,and they actually got sent home because of the rain!!

I seriously wish I could take a picture of sam right now but he’d move before i could get the camera. He practically looks like he sleeping standing on his head lol.

I don’t have big plans for today AT ALL. I have clothes to be washed and other than that.. i’ll probably be sleeping while david watches football!

I realize this is a pretty boring post..but I wanted to update! I will try to do better later 🙂