i’m around :D

So I didn’t end up going away for Thanksgiving ..Nope. My mom kept changing what time her and my dad were going to leave on wed. morning. Started out at 10 a/m then 8/am then 5 a/m and I was like no thank you! I don’t know if i’ve ever mentioned it before but if i’m traveling between like 4-7 a/m i’m sick as a dog to my stomach. They knew this , but apparently just didn’t care. 🙁

So after I spent all day Tuesday cleaning the house and getting things together..Yeah, it kind of sucked. I considered a few times just going on our own on wed or thurs but the gas would have just been out of control to have to buy 🙁

Wed we went to see Twilight Breaking Dawn pt 1..Thursday we went and ate at golden corral and yesterday we went to my moms so I could pick up a few things that my grandma sent to me including a ton of steak/chicken and hb meat!

I really haven’t been on much the last few days since david has been home.. it just doesn’t work out for me to try to do something online when he’s home lol.. or in the house for that matter! Plus, I felt that I just needed a break!

Goodness knows its not that I don’t have things to get done all the way around, but ..meh.. just kind of in a rut!

Right now i’m gonna drink a little bit of wine and listen more to daughtry & nickelbacks new cd’s on spotify!

see ya around