i’m out of whack

I am totally out of whack today! David is generally off on Fridays..But…he ended up having to work today! I generally clear up everything i really NEED to get done on thursdays..so today will really be a day to do whatever the heck that I decide it is that I want to do!

I *might* try to clean up in my closet a little bit or something like that..I still haven’t managed to go through my conference swag lol..I did drag all of it except my elmo and my extra bag to moms a few weeks ago. Of course she did decide to give me a ton of stuff to take home that day and it rained…so I had to make a ton of trips in and out of the house to get everything in and we couldn’t park in the yard!

My closet is always a nightmare though…It stays clean like one day and it’s back to royal mess…

Nothing planned for this weekend of course..I mean I hope to get to my mom & dads because I didn’t get to go over last weekend…hopefully..

In case you missed my tweets and facebook posts the crockpot recipe from yesterday turned out OMG good 🙂

Well i’m off for a few. Going to watch some more random episodes of gossip girl on netflix and make me up a batch of pasta salad…(oh wait that pot is in the fridge with meat and rice leftovers..hmm)

catch ya laters!