Insomnia..We Meet..Again

You know I have decided one thing. Since I can’t sleep, I’m gonna start (try) to make the best of it. When i’m laying in bed and think of all this shit I could write blogs about/pages for my site and whatever..or ooh i could write this review.. you get the point… i’m just gonna get up and do it!

The only thing that sucks really bad is doing housework at those hours. unless I can be relitively quite I can’t..but you know washing dishes and what not..pfft  I will get IT DONE ..

I mean this morning I went ahead and got up took and oatmeal bath (damn you rash..well it is better for the most part but …certain places not so much) I mostly have scars..I know if i were wouldn’t be quite so bad.

I am seriously thinking about doing mystic tan.  I used to do it in high school…I like it better than a real tan frankly because It doesn’t take a freaking month to start showing color. So we will see how that goes

I already managed to shave and wash my hair this morning…I haven’t straightened my hair in 2 months like I have mentioned previously. Part of it is because it was damaged, part because rain, part because i’m lazy..and part because it takes FOREVER for my hair to dry. so hopefully today

Tomorrow i’m having my yardsale. finally. 🙂 so another early day for me..oy! looking for some vitamin B…

well look for more later. ..