Internet Burnout Prevention


I am officially laying low online this week, but I did want to take a few minutes to check in with you all!

There are a few different reasons i’m laying low this week online, but one of the major ones is because I am trying to NOT end up having internet burnout which I have been known to get several times in the past…and then the site flatlines and it takes me forever to build things back up. I really have put in too much work to have to worry about that happening again!

I am getting ready to have david home for 5 days straight! Even better? I am looking forward to it! (Fri-Tuesday) His vacation starts over on June 3, and since I have court on tuesday (um…yeah) He’s gonna go ahead and take his last vacation day on that day. Of course I always have him Fri-Sunday and then we have the memorial day on monday. I hope maybe we can get into something another exciting on at least one of those days. A trip to the mountains might be in order!

I am potentially selling Grits-Reviews and I have to say I am pretty excited about the possibility! My next plan in life is to buy an ipad mini so.. that would def. help with that fund ..and hopefully then some 🙂

I had to take benadryl last night, so I am totally off whack even more than usual today, so…yeah I think it is time for me to get off of here  and see what I can get into

More later