is this thing on?

So Last night I could NOT sleep. At ALL. When David & I were watching the celebrity apprentice, I could barely hold my head up/eyes open. We go to bed at 11…and I was still awake at ..2 a/m! after that I tossed & turned and slept a minimum of 1 hour until 6 a/m when david got up for work!

I couldn’t sleep much after that either.. BOO. I don’t know what the deal was. It was a little bit warm last night but still.. I didn’t care for it!

I am having a new urge to work on my sites, this one and grits-reviews. I put the same theme up at both because I really liked it. I hope to start posting samples that I have gotten for free, excellent couponing deals and things like that along with more reg posts..and commenting more hopefully. I also edited out some links! I also like to include more pics when I can so we’ll see how it goes…

I still haven’t got to have my yardsale..thank you nasty weather on one weekend, and this last weekend being easter weekend..hopefully THIS weekend.

I also havent straightened my hair in 2 months. omg. the rainy weather.. then i got my hair cut/layered/colored and it was so damaged mom told me to not do it for a while. everytime i get ready to do it it rains..ugh.. i hate having to wear it up, it pulls a bald spot and hurts the top of my head!

I have joined getglue so if you want to be friends there look up xxpollypocket and tell me who you are so i’ll know 🙂

Between Laundry & dishes it’s a wonder i get ANYTHING else done.. I don’t even know how there can be that many clothes n dishes down …

I have a million other things I could ramble to you about but right now i need to go clean up the bathroom a bit, and write at LEAST 2 reviews today (actually one of them is *almost* through so yay)

catch ya in a few