it’s all relative


My weekend picked up a little bit, thankfully.

Friday I went to a HORRIBLE meeting that had to do with my whole drama sittuation. Seriously, if you aren’t GOD you don’t have any place to JUDGE ME or WHAT I DID. Even Better? If you DON’T Know me then you REALLY have even less of a place to judge me! UGH, thankfully I only have 9 more classes (which are .. well.. but hey at least those folks were in the same situations as me, and they are pretty friendly!) and 3 more of these meetings. Seriously, if David wouldn’t have been with me.. UGH! I won’t be going back to a class till at least thursday, maybe saturday… after that i’m sucking it up to get them done as fast as I can!

When I got home my mom called and told me that David’s boots that my Uncle Russell had got him were at her house (I had them sent there. we live in some sort of mail black hole here. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff I expect in the mail and NEVER see) They had also went and got half of a cow that they had bought & Had processed…so we went over and picked the boots up and had some steak 🙂

David and I went to Western Steer and ate on Saturday morning, and it was awesome because I didn’t know if you get there before 11, they consider it “brunch” so we got 2 buffets/2 drinks for under $20! We went to target and I got 2 iphone case for like 10 bucks total…one was hello kitty and one is polka dots and even has headphones.. can’t beat that!
came home and david started telling me about something that was going on over where he used to live. He helped me do my hair and so Saturday afternoon/night we went to this concert/festival thing and it was AWESOME. I hate being short though. I tried to make videos during certain parts of the concert but my hands were getting tired/the shortness they aren’t so great lol.

Yesterday was pretty chill. We slept semi late for us on a weekend.. got up mossied around a bit went to eat at wendys and..watched football/napped..I washed a load of clothes.. general sunday boredom!

Right now I am up instead of snuggling and burrowing in the bed because my mom is coming over. She was gonna pick up tags for her car and thats like 5 min from my house so…yeah lol. There wasn’t any use to go back to sleep. If she isn’t back home by noon she thinks she turns into a pumpkin! I’m trying to figure out dinner as well..prob veg soup? I don’t know. I don’t feel like getting to involved with cooking today!

When she leaves/gets home my little self is going back to bed! 🙂 Right now I guess i’ll get a cup of coffee and find something to wear!