its been a long week!

trying to remember things to make you an update on whats been going on!!

lets see how i do!

wedneseday: came over here with david and the rent lady to look at the majorly icky stove. resulted in her deciding we should get a brand new stove. seriously. icky. there are some pics on flickr. not only was it beyond filth, the thermostat was messing up as well. sooo.

thursday: wasn’t gonna come over here until they called about my stove, but ended up coming over and bringing a truckload of stuff anyways including my chest of drawers and the blanket box. they couldn’t tell me when they were going to deliver the stove sooo…

friday: came over here when david got off with a load of stuff because they were gonna bring the stove after and dad brought the desk and the couch. they were going to bring my freezer but it wouldn’t fit.finally got my new stove

saturday: moved the truck with davids chest of drawers,the freezer the bed and a few random things. then we went back over there and packed the rest into the car while david and dad went and got our washer and dryer.

so we officially moved in saturday some things for shadow and a big ass bottle of tequila.

Sunday: went grocery shopping an got shadow over here.

monday: spend the entire day cleaning and putting 90% of things away!i was seirously shocked at how much i got done!

tuesday: waiting for the directv people. and not doing SHIT!

better update later