It’s pretty much official: Moving Starts in A Week!

Hi Everyone!

My servers are seriously giving me a royal fit this week for some reason, so I decided to just use a proxy so I can get some work done until things get sorted out ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday I got up early because I was for once actually not really all that tired *shock* lol. Anyways, I thought I would get some work done on BE but due to aforementioned server issues I couldn’t get that going and at that point using a proxy wasn’t an idea in my head lol (of course, it was too simple lol).

Anyways, I did stay up till about 8:30 and then I was like well, pfft I will lay back down for a while. I was just in and out of sleeping and around 10 my mom called and wanted to come visit and make me potato salad, chicken salad and pasta salad! She said she would come and make it at my house or did i want to come over and visit. My dad is having to work till 8 p/m yesterday and today so I knew she was lonely so I was like come on over and pick and miss M and we will hang out.

David called me around 2:00 which was odd, because he usually only calls around lunch at noon. He said he had talked to the people at the one apartment place that we had been looking at again and they had a LARGE 2 bedroom for rent that was semi just a tad out of what I was hoping we would pay for rent ๐Ÿ™ We could have done it where it would have pretty much been in the right range but it would be if we didn’t take a months free rent. Anywho..

We went and took a look and I was like if we are going to do this lets go ahead and do it, because I am sick of looking at places and getitng my hopes up and what not. I went and got a money order for a hold deposit and application fee. The gal put our name on the apartment and she didn’t run the credit and background check which I don’t know I kind of have a feeling she won’t run it, but even if she does it won’t mater.. I think it is kind of just a formality. So I am not going to start packing until we know 100% sure even though she said it was ours .. something could always happen you know?

Other than that We are supposed to start moving on May 1. The only thing I am worried about is the deposit for the power place. I might have to see if Davids dad or Mom could co-sign for us or something because our credit is kinda crap lol. The deposit for the apt is pretty much nothing, and I will be getting money back from our utility place and where we rent and it won’t be a big deal. We took the first months rent just so we could get everything cleared up.. even though I tried to tell David it is just our web, utility(which they take out of my deposit) and gas bill but still that is the way he wanted to do it so it was fine ๐Ÿ™‚ The biggest part of our Deposit is the Fur baby deposit.

So about the apartment in general.. .It was well lit, had an storage shed out on the patio (really excited about a patio I can sit on and read and get some sun!) I am pretty sure it overlooked the pool. It is 2 bedroom and 2 baths and it had a gym that they are redoing in the clubhouse. Dishwasher(Wahoo) and .. uh uh.. lol.

I am gonna jump off of here for now.. I am gonna try to be scheduling up my linkys for AR and BE so if i get too busy I won’t miss out on doing them. I am planning to start staying up though FOR REAL so I can keep up and get things done. With enough coffee anything is possible. Heck it is about 8 a/m right now and I have been awake since 3:45 and up since 6! If I make it over my 8:30 hump I will be fine!

later gators..