jacob? no thanks!!!

not much is going on with me. lol i guess thats mostly always the case with me, but I try to come up with some things to blog about none the less!

i got my twilight 3 disc movie from target today. was very disappointed to get a JACOB film cell. if you buy yours at target,and get the film cell..if you get something other than jacob & don’t mind sharing your address with me (DM on twitter, email me) and would like to trade please let me know. if i don’t find someone to trade i think i’ll burn mine lol.

I have decided not to blog about certain aspects of my personal life anymore.i don’t know how long it will last.i really don’t like censoring myself on my own site, but sometimes its for the best. mostly because people who don’t need to read these things can always find them, and even though they are PW protected, sometimes they still show up.

things are…o.k. i suppose for the most part. and thats really all i want to say about it for now.

\this bacterial funky whatever is driving me bannanas!


  1. says

    I love this theme! Pink is my favorite color. Sometimes I try not to blog about certain parts of my life too, but it’s a place to vent and we need that. With me, I don’t want people in my outside life finding my blog so I go by a different name. Maybe you could try that. And I don’t post any pictures of myself unless they are really small. Just some thoughts.